Safe and durable


One of the most important components of a building is its parking space. Traditional, multi-storey or rooftop car parking areas must be highly durable to avoid cracks and tears. Not only mechanical loads such that of the cars themselves, but also thermal loads play a major role in the deterioration process. Deterioration is a consequence of surface and building movement. These parking areas also have to deal with exhaust fumes, fuel, road salt and other harsh substances. This is why protective coatings are so important.

At AGOS we have extensive knowledge of traditional and rooftop parking areas. Car park coatings require  precision work and no two surfaces are the same. We consider the (expected) traffic load and adjust our methods accordingly. After placement, the area is water and weather resistant, safe and accessible.

Not only must a parking area be safe and undamaged, it must also be completely functional. The visitor should know where to find his or her vehicle via markings. This gives a positive impression not only of the parking facilities, but the building it serves. We offer various colour variations and structures catering to your personal preferences. All this adds to the general feeling of welcome you offer your visitors from the minute they arrive at your pleasant, clearly marked and safe parking area.

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