About our business


We deal in a wide range of synthetic flooring. The core of AGOS’s business is the laying of liquid plastics based upon traditional epoxy resin and polyurethane binders.

Each binder has its own individual characteristics. One might be perfect for aesthetic  finishes while another is specific to floors which have to cope with with heavy chemical or mechanical loads. Pigments, fillers and additives can be added to these binders to create coatings, poured floors, trowelled floors and gravelled floors.

Besides these more traditional liquid resin floors, we also stock specialist products which permit us to place your floor under the most extreme situations. We are able, for example, to lay a floor in 2 hours and bring it well below freezing point.

You can also contact us for all your PVC, marmoleum and carpet tile needs. We only stock brands which are manufactured to the highest of standards, meaning we can offer you various flooring options for both functional and aesthetic floors. The combination of first class materials, high performance and quality appearance means our clients can select the best: a highly functional and beautiful floor which will remain that way for years to come.

We would be happy to advise you about flooring for your particular situation via an informal consultation at our showroom.

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