Company presentation


Flooring can make a large difference to the way your company presents itself to the public. Particularly in  more public areas such as offices, showrooms and reception halls, colour and material choices are crucial.

We can assist you in putting together the perfect flooring project which fits in completely with your company’s style. From cool and business-like to a warm, earthy glow, anything is possible. Our unprecedented colour palette offers countless colour and colour combination options.

We can even incorporate more playful elements. Would you like your floor to display the company logo? No problem! Perhaps add an advertisement through the implementation of floor-text. AGOS offers you this option, too.

We can supply you with the entire project’s flooring needs: PVC floors, marmoleum, vinyl and carpet tiles. We are also specialised in the levelling, preparation and renovation of your current floors.

Our strength comes from our combination of a client-oriented approach, professional service and extensive selection of high quality products. We can also offer you appropriate creative advice.

When you stand on a floor