Safe and warm


Of all the components that make up a parking garage, ramps are probably the most important. Cars that drive over them, day in day out, create a lot of traction. It is therefore extremely important that the driver can negotiate these ramps with ease.

At AGOS we can produce an extremely durable slope which, whatever the weather, can be easily negotiated. The ramps we lay are resistant to road salt and bad weather conditions such as rain and snow which have a seriously negative effect upon driveability. By using high quality anti-slip surfacing, the slope is always easy and safe to use. For AGOS, safety is of paramount importance.

If you wish, our team can add underfloor heating to the ramp. This is ideal in the winter months when driving is made difficult and areas become less easily accessible. For the ramp finish, you can choose from  a broad spectrum of colours and/or markings. This way, the style of the ramp is in keeping with the rest of the garage.

When you stand on a floor