Passion for flooring


At AGOS, flooring is our passion. Synthetic flooring, to be precise. Whether you need industrial flooring able to withstand heavy mechanical or chemical abrasion, design flooring in reception areas or executive offices, cold store flooring  needing to cope with extreme temperatures, showroom or office flooring, we are the synthetic flooring specialists.

Synthetic flooring technology is exciting and never still. New systems appear all the time. This market momentum means we are continuously researching the latest technology. A well-laid, beautiful synthetic  floor is based upon a combination of knowledge, professional craftsmanship and top quality materials.

Why choose us?

AGOS is your partner and experienced advisor with extensive knowledge of seamless and strong synthetic floors. We offer a total package covering all your flooring needs. AGOS Synthetic Flooring’s strength is our completely independent position within the market; we are not affiliated with any manufacturer or supplier. This is wonderful news for our clients, as we always have the most fitting solutions for the most competitive prices.

From our main office in historical Hanzestad Zutphen, we work throughout the Netherlands. Using our own flooring teams we take on an incredible variety of projects both at home and abroad. Our client base consists primarily of local and international businesses, contractors and end users.



When you stand on a floor